Braham Stevens

The artist draws influence from the patterns, colours and relationships found in nature. 'Embrace' expresses the diverse native flora, fauna and geology of the Cairns tropical region. A sensual piece, it suggests a reef and delta ecosystem. Tectonic exterior plates allude to the region's volatile volcanic prehistoric past. The sculpture comprises two opposing marine inspired forms embracing in a fluid 'dance of life'. Constructed from heavy gauge laser-cut steel, the organic sculpture explores the main themes of environment, connection to place and being.

This artwork also forms part of the Cairns Regional Council and James Cook University (JCU) public art linking project initiated in 2016. This was to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the JCU Cairns campus and the collaborative relationship between both organisations. To express this collaboration, two different but intrinsically linked artworks were produced and placed in two prominent locations: Embrace at Munro Martin Park and Reflection at the Founders Green in the JCU Cairns campus. 

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