Hides Hotel
Queensland Heritage Register

Hides Hotel was built in two stages - the first in 1928, and then again by circa 1936. An earlier Hides Cairns Hotel that was constructed in 1885 sat next to the current building and they worked in tandem for nearly four decades. The original hotel was the location of important social and commercial functions, with meetings to establish the School of Arts building and the Masonic Lodge held here in 1885. 

In 1900-01, the adjacent land on the corner of Lake and Shields Street was purchased by Elizabeth Moir Hides which is where the current building sits. In 1925, both sites were transferred to O'Hara Limited and the foundation for the current building was first laid in 1928.

The building was designed by architect Sydenham Stanley Oxenham and erected by MT Garvey. Hides Hotel displays spacious verandas, a truncated corner and unusual sunhoods above its unprotected second floor windows, all typifying a tropical atmosphere and architectural style. 

The building also forms a part of the Cairns CBD Heritage Walk trail which can be found here

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